Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aurifil Thread Design Contest

I love those mornings when the kids are quite and I can actually read my blogs :-)  It doesn't happen very often, but they have discovered this cute little movie called Rio, and are hooked, and it gave me time this morning to read Katy's blog  about the Aurifil Thread Design Contest!

I am finding a new love/mini addiction to thread.....I am just so amazed at all the lovely colors, so of course.....I headed over to Lily Quilt's for all the fantastic fun and information

I don't know how many of these collections I will do, but I am aiming for a few, because they are so inspiring!  It only takes a few minutes to make, and if you have the time, you really should....because they are fun, and the colors are beautiful!

My first collection is inspired by a seaside cottage......soft blues and greens and little peaks of color here and there.  Whenever I think of quilts, I always think of a shabby chic little seaside hide away :-)

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