Monday, April 23, 2012

Me, My Precious and a Pillow!

Sewing AND blogging is hard work!!!!!  I have been great keeping up on my projects, horrible keeping up on posting about them!
Anyway......I finally got around to trying Cathedral Windows!  I have to say, they are beautiful, I just adore the way this pillow turned's rare that I keep something I make for myself, this little beauty will be staying though!

Tanks to Jaime at Sunflower Seeds for her wonderful tutorial!  It was so easy to follow, with great instruction and photos, if you are wanting to try this, def check out her blog:

And.....I am hard at work on my "precious" echo quilt, the pattern is Over and Under by Kim Brackett and it's another fun to do and easy to follow pattern....with beautiful results!  This is the second quilt I have made from her book Scrap Basket, and I have to say......the book is well worth adding to your collection!!!!
Here is my Precious so far, I am working on the backing now and hope to have a few more pics this week!!  I was online looking at Gypsy Caravan the other day, which is the first line by the amazing Amy Butler, and if you have ever tried to find it, it's next to impossible.....but not any more!  Amy has re-released the line and I am dying to get my hands on it!  While I was dreaming, I saw a post on Amy's blog about "show me your stash" I decided, why not!
Amy's contest goes on until May....and the prize....some nice fresh Gypsy Caravan!!!!!  So yeah....I had to enter, Amy's fabric and design are what created my passion for sewing, so here is me....and my stash (most of it anyway!)

check out Amy's blog to find out more information!

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