Friday, March 30, 2012

A New way of Basting least for me, not sure if other people do it this way or not?

I have always, always had problems when it comes to basting the quilt, no matter what I do I constantly have creases.....usually at least one mega one.  I typically bast my quilts on the floor, tape the ends down and layer the "quilt sandwich"....which is how I was taught, but it has never worked well for me.

Today....I wanted to bast this quilt that I'm working on just for me!!!!  but my back hurts and I twisted my knee, so crawling across the floor to pin bast it didn't seem like the brightest I thought, taping it to the wall might be better!

So....busted out some pant hangers and decided the best wall space was the laundry room doors.....taped the bottom layer to the wall, then taped down the batting, and then put the quilt top on and pin basted.
I should start quilting it tonight, so hopefully this new way works and no mega creases!!!!!  Fingers crossed!

Close up of my soon to be for me quilt!


  1. Quilt looks great! I don't remember the black sashing, though. Did you swap it? It really sets off the blocks!

  2. This quilt is looking amazing...and i know what you mean about making something for yourself...sometimes we do and giveaway too much for for you !

  3. I love this with the sashing! Great quilt!

  4. This is a genius method and the quilt is so pretty !