Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mine, Mine, MINE!

Finally......I managed to finished a quilt that is intended for me....and I'm keeping it!  whew!!!!

The last quilt I finished went to my mom for Christmas, with all my precious, collected for several years Amy Butler fabrics, so this time, this quilt, was going to be for me....really.
I went to the Lancaster quilt show a few weeks ago, and Janie Lou, one of the vendors had this kit in her booth. I had seen the Feather N Stitch fabric before and knew I liked it, but then I touched it and wow......what soft amazing cotton!  I was sold, I had to make this quilt!

There was a little be of a mishap when I calculated the amount of fabric needed for the the quilt is different then originally intended, but I love it! basting while the quilt was hanging....worked like a charm!  No nasty creases or folds!

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