Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Been a While

You know, life gets in the way and you get distracted and stuff right???  I have been "not" sewing for almost a year, other then a little off and on and other then gifts for people....but finally I am back in the game and sewing and quilting just for the fun of it!  Imagine that!
I was also horrible at keeping up with my last blog, so this is me, trying to get back into the virtual world and be a good girl and keep up with things!

I got off to a good start, I went to the Lancaster PA quilt show with the Baltimore Modern Quilt guild and my dear friend Heather who I met on flickr...and we had a blast!  I felt so excited and inspired all day......I figured why not splurge on get a new machine...and let's not be frugle,  let's make it a Bernina!!!!

So say hello to Bernadette

And if a new sewing machine wasn't amazing enough......we actually met Jay McCarroll!!!!  I almost passed out!  He was so so nice and he talked to us for a while, which was totally cool of him, since he was on his way to meet his sister.  Such a good sport!!!!  Love you Jay! we go......let's jump in with both feet!!!!